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Virtual Workshop Tour 2019

In an effort to help provide as many resources as we can for actors and teachers also over the country, we set aside very select dates where Stage Door Unlocked will be offering online workshops with schools, colleges, and private studios. You can bring us into your location, have us work with your students, and do it all online which cuts the cost considerably! The workshops will be offered over ZOOM - a fantastic video conferencing software. All you will need is a device with a webcam so we can see your students and a screen for them to see us.

Workshops can be on a range of topics: Audition Preparation, Musical Theatre Acting & Vocal Techniques, Actor Business Skills, or as many groups have done - an open Industry Q&A where your students can ask any questions they may have about working in the industry.

We're offering these 60 Minute workshops for only $50! 

Why so cheap? Well, we love doing workshops and we know that money gets tight for these types of things and we want to make sure that cost isn't what keeps someone from getting the information they need to succeed. 

To see open dates & times so you can book your workshop, please click HERE

(If you would like to schedule, but need Stage Door Unlocked to send your school / studio an invoice for payment, please use the coupon code INVOICE when scheduling.)

If you have any questions about the workshop tour or about booking your workshop, please email Nate directly at: