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Stage Door Unlocked's Musical Theatre Coaching Course is geared at teachers and coaches who want to have a better understanding of the art of coaching Musical Theatre. The course is taught by Nationally Known Audition Coach / Voice Teacher Nate Plummer and covers such topics as:

- Musical Theatre History

- Musical Theatre Styles 

- Specific Musical Theatre Vocal Techniques (Legit, Belting, Pop / Rock, etc)

- Musical Theatre Terminology

- Repertoire Selection

- Lyric Analysis​

- Character Analysis

- Performance Shaping Through Side Coaching

- Auditioning Techniques 

- .... & More

This course focuses on helping teachers learn ways of coaching their students in a way that is real, natural, and honest so they can truly represent themselves accurately when they are in the audition room or onstage. It is the goal of this course, to help teachers who are passionate about helping their students grow not only as performers, but as people as well so that they can get even closer to unlocking their stage door. 

Participants receive: 13 video sessions on musical theatre coaching you can watch as many times as you'd like, a workbook full of reproducible resources for your work with your students, permanent access to our online Facebook community and discounted coaching or consultation sessions with Nate so you can continue your work after the course.


Musical Theatre Coaching Course - No Rep Guide