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You have a name!!

You are more than your voice type.

Actor PSA: Musical Theatre performers - please avoid referring to yourself by your voice type ex: Nate Plummer, Tenor

That’s an opera thing, where it makes sense.

Musical Theatre voice ranges are crazy. There’s no limit to what a composer can have an actor sing. If you can’t sing it, someone else will figure out how. If you limit yourself by a voice type, you might type yourself out of a role.

Besides, you are more than a vocal range. You will be cast because of who you are, not because of what you can sing. Own who you are and the stories you can tell.

You are whatever “type” you choose to be. Some maybe easier than others. You may have to work and train harder for some, where as others are natural fits. But the choice is yours. Make good choices. Just don’t be limited by a label.

Signed, Your Friendly Neighborhood Actor’s Coach