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There are NO Shortcuts

You won't find one. They don't exist.

Actor / Stage Parent PSA: Impatience is your worst enemy.

Training is about building habits. Habits for every contingency so that you can be prepared for what is required of you. It will NOT happen overnight. You have to do the hard stuff for the habits to become habits. Training is NOT cramming. Cramming always looks like cramming. Coaches / Teachers cannot work something you have not prepared and have it ready for tomorrow’s audition - especially if you haven’t taken the time to build the foundational habits first. That makes everyone look bad. You should never utter the phrase: “I’ll just figure it out in the room” or “I’ll feel it out and play with it.”


BTW: Analysis of a piece is NOT extra “technique” - it is what will make you be successful in the room. If a coach is taking time to work that with you, it means THAT’S the most important thing you need to work on.

It’s not about singing notes and saying words. Acting is telling a story. If you can’t tell the story, connect to it, and understand it -nothing else matters. You will NOT book the role. Period. Don’t waste their time, our time, or yours just doing the easy stuff. Take the risk.

Signed, Your Friendly Neighborhood Actor’s Coach