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The Doctor is In? Why we should not diagnose our clients.

We are not medical professionals. We are voice technicians.

Voice Teacher Colleagues:

It is not our place to diagnose our students.

We are not medical professionals. We may have studied a particular topic, but that does not mean we are qualified to “diagnose” someone.

We are are even less qualified to diagnose someone based off of a social media post. Especially in a non vocal technique situation like a learning disability.

If a client starts to show vocal health issues, we do not have scopes to look and see what is actually happening, so how do we actually know? We can observe and hear symptoms others may not, but it should only be our job to advise on next actions - NOT assign a label of diagnosis.

This is especially true in areas of mental health, autism, cognitive disorders, etc. where we don’t have the training or tools to do so.

We can express concerns in what we see and we can discuss these observations of “symptoms” with our clients and / or their parents, but jumping to a “label” is not our job. Just like freaking out over WebMD, that label is probably not right and may actually do more harm than good.

The reason something may not work for a student in our studio may not be their fault or that of some challenge they may have, it may be ours and how we are working with that client. We need to always remember that.

Ask questions about what you’re seeing and discuss the responses you receive. Provide ideas and resources if asked. Our job is to provide information so our clients can choose their own path. It is not our job to determine the path for them no matter how good our intentions.


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