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SNAPSHOTS: All About Headshots

Your headshots are not just pretty pictures! They are part of your brand!

Let’s talk headshots.

Many young actors get them as holiday gifts so let’s make sure you are putting that gift to good use.

Here are 3 of the most important tips about headshots:

1) Find a professional HEADSHOT photographer. I don’t mean a professional photographer who could take a headshot. I mean - if you are going to invest that much money - find someone who knows what they are doing from the industry. I have seen too many clients come to me with nice photos that are BAD headshots. They are NOT senior photos. They are not portraits. They are Actor Headshots. There are standards. Your headshot is your representative when you aren’t in the room. Don’t you want a rep who says the right things?? Get professional shots.

2) Please Please Please do not ask your friends or family or significant others which shot you should choose. Don’t ask which shot looks the most like you or makes you look good. Again, you are spending good money on these! GET A PROFESSIONAL OPINION. Ask a teacher, a coach, an agent, a director, etc - someone who looks at headshots for a living. We will see things others won’t. We know what we are looking for - why not ask us which one meets those qualifications? I guarantee you - we will choose the shot your friends and family didn’t. It never fails.

3) Don’t print your photos at Walgreens. That is too expensive. Likewise, please don’t print them at home. That’s too cheap. The paper type for headshots will make or break how people see your headshot. If it’s too thick or too cheap, we know you aren’t a professional. Even for a college audition - get them printed by a headshot service like - Casting will know the difference. You will be more successful.

If you need help with headshots, please reach out to a coach. Stage Door Unlocked is always available for headshot consults.

You are talented. You know what you’re doing. Let your materials represent that.

Signed, Your Friendly Neighborhood Actor’s Coach