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It's not the suit that makes the man... but...

Last Minute Unified Audition (Both Professional and College) Actor PSA:

You gotta know the rules!

How you wear your clothes matters at the auditions.

Yes. I said that right. How you wear it matters.

Gentlemen: Learn how to wear a suit. If you don’t know the rules of wearing a suit, you look like a little kid playing dress up. Learn when to button the coat and when to unbutton the coat. Get a tie clip or pin so your tie isn’t moving all over when you perform. Match your tie to the size of your coat’s lapel. And YES if your pants have belt loops you need to wear a belt - even if the jacket is going to cover it. Wear dress socks. Even if you are not wearing the jacket, still learn the rules. You will need to know them at some point.

Ladies: If you are going to wear heels - PLEASE practice in them! You DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT need to wear heals for the singing portion of the audition. If you are not a heels person, don’t wear them. Again, you will look like you are playing dress up. Practice in your dress - the structure of the dress will impact your singing. Don’t risk not knowing. Learn how to sit, stand, everything you need to do that day in the dress you will be wearing. That way you are wearing the dress, not it wearing you.

What you wear to your auditions should be as comfortable to you as that baggy sweatshirt you wear on a lazy day. You don’t need to think about how to wear that - it just happens. Make your audition attire the same level of ease.

The clothes we wear are an extension of who we are as a person. This is why costume design is SO important to the story of the show - they convey information the actors don’t have lines to say. What you wear to your audition says the same about YOU. Show the person you are in the room. Don’t try to be a character. Be a well informed version of YOU.

Signed, Your Friendly Neighborhood Actor’s Coach

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