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Our Groups

At Stage Door Unlocked we believe that some of our best work comes from the communities we create. The groups we offer are a fantastic way for performers of all ages to connect with like minded individuals all over the country to learn, network, and grow. To find which group is right for you, see the group descriptions below.

The Green Room

This group is geared at professional performers looking to learn more about the industry. Intended as a way to continue your training while networking with other performers at the same time, this group is a support system of like minded people wanting to help each other grow in their careers. This is the group where you will find our hardest working performers doing amazing things all over the country.            Monthly Memberships Start At: $5

The Green Room - High School Edition

This group is for those high schoolers who are passionate about growing as performers and pursuing a professional career as an actor. Intended as a college prep program, the group not only provides training in the college audition process, it also connects you with other young performers over the country so you can share your experiences with a group full of people who are just as passionate about performing and growing as an artist as you are.

                        Monthly Memberships Start At: $5

The Teacher Program

This new program explores the vulnerability of being a voice teacher / coach. Through weekly video journals, newsletters, Q&A's, and member's only podcasts, Nate and the members discuss the joys, the challenges and the HOW of being a voice teacher or coach. Membership also includes a monthly resource to help in your studio the 16 oz level includes a 60 minute chat session each month with Nate.

                        Monthly Memberships Start At: $5