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Online Courses

At Stage Door Unlocked we know that getting the training you need can be tough when juggling schedules and distance. We proudly offer online courses that provide actors and our fellow teachers / coaches the information they need to unlock their stage doors.

Musical Theatre Coaching Course

This course is intended for teachers who want to learn more about how to effectively coach musical theatre pieces in their studios. The course covers not only vocal and acting techniques, but also musical theatre history and ways to approach specific coaching challenges that may occur in your studio.

Online Teaching Course

This course is geared at teachers who want to learn more about offering online lessons to their clients. This course will walk you through everything from choosing software and equipment to how to approach various vocal topics online. We bring our experience of over 6000 online lessons to you in this simple and easy to follow course.

"Musical Theatre as a Business" Course

Often times in school we are taught how to act, but not how to BE an actor.This course will walk you through everything from choosing songs and monologues to what should be on your website to how do you connect with agents and more. Learn from Nationally Known Actor's Coach Nate Plummer all the skills you need to unlock your stage door.